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496 New Books Since January 2016

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Every year the ASIJ High School Library adds hundreds of new books to its shelves and electronic devices. As a vital tool of the school, the library is consistently working to keep the resources it offers to its constituents relevant and up-to-date. Taking into consideration the new materials needed for class work, personal requests from students, teachers and parents, along with our own research we do to curate current best fiction and non-fiction books, the library has collected nearly 500 books in the past 6 months. This is not only a significant number of books, also the range of content is vast and diverse. In 2016 popular topics included, but were not limited to, the effects of technology on our brains and society, the environment and climate change, religion and spirituality, medical science, and various issues within education. Other books include the history of Indigo, maritime ship vessels, astronomy, synesthesia (blending of senses), minimalism, the power of music, Elon Musk, and Dreamworks animation. This is just scratching the surface. There really are just too many interesting books to read and not nearly enough time! For a full list of the 496 new books, click here.


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