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Book Review by Mr. Kish: Steve Jobs by Walter Isaacson

steve jobsAt ASIJ we certainly all know about the great products that Apple makes, and probably most of us know a little about Steve Jobs, most likely from seeing his polished product launches. Standing on stage in his signature black turtleneck and talking about his next revolutionary product, Jobs showed one side of his personality. But there were many sides to this complex man.

Walter Isaacson’s biography follows Jobs’s life from childhood to the end of his life, tragically cut short by cancer. It reveals details that we don’t always see from his public persona. Sure he was revolutionary, he was intelligent, he was perhaps a genius. But the book shares some of the more complicated and troubling times of Jobs’s life too. His adoption as a child added complications to his feelings of acceptance through his life. In his younger years, experimentations with drugs, far-out diets, and meditation would shape him for years to come. Over and over, Isaacson portrays Steve’s complex personality, which often displayed fits of rage, screaming, and tears.
The book is long, over 500 pages, but the writing is light and the stories are fascinating. This is a great picture into one of this century’s great minds. A must read for any Apple fan!
Isaacson’s book was recently adapted to a film, which was just released in the US. While it’s not out in Japan, if you want to learn a little more before or after reading this book, I highly recommend NPR’s Terri Gross’s interviews with both Jobs and Isaacson, which she released this month as a lead up to the film: http://www.npr.org/2015/10/09/447165973/steve-jobs-the-story-of-the-man-behind-the-personal-computer
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