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Book Review by Ms. Sentgeorge: Art Before Breakfast

art before breakfast coverIf you would like to learn to visually record ideas and improve your creativity, you might want to check out a new book in the HS library called Art Before Breakfast by Danny Gregory.  Danny believes that you do not need to be an artist to record the world around you visually, and says that, “Creativity is the act of shaping the mush of the world around us into something – of creating your own order.”

Art Before Breakfast is written in sketchbook style with each page covered in drawings. It is a visually rich text that is part philosophy, part exercises, motivating the reader to start sketching the world around them. Each exercise requires no more than15 minutes and is intended to get the reader to start down the road towards keeping his or her own sketchbook practice and gaining confidence in sketching. It lays out a week-long set of 5-15 minute starter activities to prove to you that one does not need to be an artist or talented, to be able to draw and record your life visually. The book encourages the reader to maintain a visual journal for the 30 days, the amount of time it takes to build a new habit.

Danny says that sketching isn’t about creating art; it is about recording what you are living through and what you are learning about it. You do not need to be an artist to keep a visual journal. Danny Gregory views sketching as a meditative practice, much like doing yoga at the start of each day. He advocates starting the day with a short drawing to bring ones mind into the present moment, hence the title, Art Before Breakfast. As he says, “Creativity can become a habit that fits into you life, like Pilates or flossing, only a lot more fulfilling.”

Check out this book if you are interested in beginning or resuming the practice of keeping a visual journal, or if you are interested in Sketchbook Skool.

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